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  Since 1988, HelpAge International has worked across Asia to improve older people’s lives and raise awareness about the issues that affect them.

  We advocate for and help implement social protection schemes that provide older people with secure incomes. We work hard to ensure older people can access the health and care services they need. We support older people’s associations where older people socialise, organise and address the needs of their local community. We help older people affected by natural disasters and conflict, and limit the impact of these emergencies by ensuring communities are prepared.

  HelpAge global network members and country offices in Asia are based in:

  Australia | Bangladesh | Cambodia | China | Fiji | India | Indonesia | Korea | Malaysia | Mongolia | Myanmar l Nepal | Pakistan | Philippines | Singapore | Sri Lanka | Thailand | Vietnam

  Council on the Ageing

  Serving the interests of Australian seniors since 1951, Council on the Ageing (COTA) promotes, improves and protects the circumstances and wellbeing of older people in Australia. They focus on national policy issues through research and consultation with its members.

  COTA aims to represent the views of older people throughout Australia to governments and the media by looking at a range of areas such as income, health and social care, housing, transport, recreational activities and rights.

  COTA also develops innovative programmes which are delivered by its members. They currently offer two national peer education programmes ? one on healthy ageing and one on depression.

  Last but not least, COTA has over 1,000 member organisations around Australia representing more than half a million older people, and a direct membership of over 50,000 older people.

  COTA became a HelpAge global network member in 2010.

  cota@seniorsvoice.org.au l www.cota.org.au

  Bangladesh Association for the Aged and Institute of Geriatric Medicine.

  Bangladesh Association for the Aged and Institute of Geriatric Medicine (BAAIGM), popularly known as Probhin Hitoishi Sangha, is a voluntary, non-profit NGO established in 1960. It is the oldest and largest NGO working in Bangladesh to help and improve life for older people throughout the country, focusing specifically on maintaining physical and mental health.

  BAAIGM studies the health and socio-economic circumstances of older people, and communicates this to communities and policy makers. It organises courses and training on ageing, and builds older people’s skills to help them generate income and find employment.

  BAAIGM became a HelpAge global network member in 2017.


  Bangladesh Women’s Health Coalition

  Bangladesh Women’s Health Coalition (BWHC), a national non-governmental organisation, was established in 1980 with a vision of a just society where women are equal. They pioneered a health service scheme, through which mothers can access a wide range of health services.

  BWHC runs three major programmes and five pilots through its 40 reproductive health centres. Each centre provides both clinical services and community-based activities.

  Their mission is to provide communities with a wide range of information and services that support women’s development activities. Their programmes focus on sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and AIDS, counselling, community-based awareness raising to change attitudes and family education.

  BWHC works with HelpAge International to challenge thinking and encourage action by people and institutions that can secure rights and health for older women and girls.

  BWHC joined became HelpAge global network member in 2010.

  bwhc@bdonline.com l www.bwhc.org.bd

  Resource Integration Centre

  The Resource Integration Centre (RIC) is a NGO founded in 1981 by a group of social activists with a mission to support national development. RIC operates in rural areas to support older people’s rights, economic independence and access to care and services.

  RIC’s objectives are to empower older people by building up institutions, supporting women’s development through awareness-raising and responding to emergencies. They also provide services such education to under-privileged people, income generation activities through micro-credit schemes and disaster management programmes.

  In partnership with HelpAge International, RIC runs an older citizens monitoring project in which groups of older people monitor the implementation of the Old Age Allowance scheme. Finally, RIC also participates in the HelpAge network Age Demands Action campaign.

  RIC has been working with HelpAge International since 1998 and became HelpAge global network member in 2004.

  ricdirector@yahoo.com l www.ricbd.org

  Dhaka Ahsania Mission

  Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) was founded in 1958 and works to enhance people’s capacities to maximally utilize their inner potentials. Their main purpose is to improve living conditions for vulnerable people in all ages.

  They work with a multifaceted thematic focus and diverse programmes including education, health, livelihood, human rights & social justice, disaster risk reduction and climate changes.

  DAM is member of the Social Protection Working Group in Bangladesh and is therefore very well placed to take forward ageing issues in the country that like many is facing a massive increase in the 60+ group over the next 40 years.

  The mission is running community-based centres in 35 districts of Bangladesh and is supporting the HelpAge global network’s reach into even the smallest communities of rural Bangladesh. They are currently building their capacity to focus more on health and care, intergenerational work and other types of community-based work with and for older people.

  DAM receives funding from both the Government and the public and has a well-developed capacity to do institutional fundraising and generating resources through running social enterprises.

  Dhaka Ahsania Mission became HelpAge global network member in October 2012.

  dambgd@gmail.com, dambgd@ahsaniamission.org l www.ahsaniamission.org.bd

  HelpAge Bangladesh

  Since 1991 HelpAge Bangladesh has been strengthening older people’s assocciations in Bangladesh, responding to humanitarian emergencies, and helping communities to better prepare for when disasters strike. Find out more about the work HelpAge is doing in Bangladesh here.


  HelpAge Cambodia

  HelpAge Cambodia started its operation as a Country Programme Office of HelpAge International in 1991, initially undertaking humanitarian relief work in response to Cambodian refugees repatriating from Thai-border camps; before transitioning to community development work in 1998.

  For over 20 years, HelpAge Cambodia has worked with older people in Cambodia through older people’s associations. These associations are a proven safety net mechanism endorsed by the Royal Government of Cambodia to address social and welfare protection needs of older people.

  Since 2011, HelpAge Cambodia has undergone a transition from HelpAge International country office to a fully localised national NGO; and successfully registered with the Cambodian Ministry of Interior in December 2012. Their key areas of work still include working with older people’s associations to support the older population and their families to improve their livelihoods and well-being through sustainable community development.

  HAC is a national leader in ageing issues and works closely with the Royal Government of Cambodia, including several central ministries and provincial departments, to support old-age inclusion in their programming and policy efforts. HAC also lead the national ADA campaign.

  HelpAge Cambodia became HelpAge global network member in 2014.

  aio-helpage@online.com.kh l www.helpagecambodia.org


  China National Committee on Ageing

  China National Committee on Ageing (CNCA) was established as a government body in 1982 following the First World Assembly on Ageing. With over twenty members, it produces policies for an ageing population, coordinates work on ageing by different ministries and monitors work on age-related activities.

  CNCA works to improve older people’s quality of life. In 2009 for example, the government launched a pilot projects to support farmers, who were not receiving a pension.

  HelpAge International has been working with CNCA to launch a three-year project to tackle poverty and improve health among older people in Shaanxi province. Working through older people’s associations in 16 villages, CNCA is committed to researching ageing issues for policy making, exchanging information to raise awareness about ageing and participating in international events.

  CNCA became HelpAge global network member in 2009.


  Instituto de Aco Social

  Instituto de Aco Social (IAS) (also known as ‘Social Welfare Bureau’) is an NGO in Macau, China, that came into existence in 1999. IAS cooperates with various social service organisations and strives to meet the needs of society through welfare, services and policies.

  Since establishment, the work of IAS has grown to include services such as providing meals, assisting disaster survivors, helping blind and deaf people, education, legal advice, counselling, and helping those with drug and alcohol problems. The organisation also provides social service facilities such as nurseries, centres for older people, and community centres. IAS has set up several advisory committees including the Committee for Senior Citizen Affairs.

  pr@ias.gov.mo l www.ias.gov.mo

  Helping Hand Hong Kong

  Founded in 1978, Helping Hand Hong Kong’s mission is to meet older people’s needs for housing and care in Hong Kong. They work to enable older people to live in dignity by promoting their sense of belonging, security and worth.

  Since its establishment, Helping Hand has organised and founded a number of care centres and promoted events on ageing throughout Hong Kong.

  Currently, the organisation provides residential care services in five housing estates. These care homes enable older people to have access to occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers and nurses.

  In addition, each centre can provide rehabilitation, social, recreational, educational and developmental activities. The care homes are available to anyone aged 65 or above, in poor health or with disabilities.

  Helping Hand has been working with HelpAge International since 1984 and became HelpAge global network member in 2004.

  admin@helpinghand.org.hk l www.helpinghand.org

  Ageing China Development Centre (ACDC)

  Ageing China Development Centre (ACDC) in Shaanxi Province was established in 2014, with support from HelpAge International, the China National Committee on Ageing (CNCA) and the Shaanxi Provincial Committee on Ageing (SPCA). It is a non-profit organisation working for the wellbeing and benefit of older people.

  YCDA works with local authorities, civil society organisations and communities to transfer knowledge, share best practices, mobilise resources, and raise awareness on the issues of population ageing and development in China. Among its core areas of work, YCDA promotes health psychosocial wellbeing, encourages age-friendly care services, enhances financial inclusion and helps build capacity for other civil society organisations and older people’s associations.

  helpagechina@foxmail.com l www.ageingchina.org


  Fiji Council of Social Services/FCOSS HelpAge Centre

  Established in 1991, FCOSS HelpAge Centre is a civil society organisation that strengthens communities in Fiji through advocacy and training.

  Their vision is of a Fiji free from inequality, where all people are valued and respected. FCOSS works locally, nationally and internationally in a number of areas including disaster risk reduction, health, climate change, social protection, HIV and AIDS and rights. Their work also includes training other civil society organisations, reaching 200 community leaders and 10,000 vulnerable people annually.

  FCOSS conducts seminars on healthy ageing as well as workshops on social justice, social security and social protection which reach thousands of people every year. Finally, FCOSS collaborates with ten government committees and five civil society groups.

  The organisation has worked with HelpAge International since its establishment and is involved in the HelpAge network’s Age Demands Action campaign.

  fcoss@kidanet.net.fj, execdirector@fcoss.org.fj

  Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti

  Established in 1983, Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti (GRAVIS) is a NGO that works to support the development of men, women, and children, regardless of their caste, religion and economic situation. GRAVIS also works towards the rehabilitation of rural communities in the Thar Desert and promotes community ownership.

  GRAVIS works locally in more than 850 villages. It also has international partners in countries including Germany, Singapore and USA.

  GRAVIS works in a number of areas including health, climate change, social protection, HIV and AIDS, emergencies, disaster risk reduction, rights, policy influencing, livelihoods, social care and the environment.

  They recently created a team of village health workers focusing on older people’s health needs. Their water harvesting activities have benefitted over 5,000 older people. GRAVIS has also facilitated the formation of 40 older people’s associations.

  The organisation participates in Age Demands Action to raise awareness of older people’s rights. It joined the HelpAge International global network in 2007.

  Prakash@gravis.org.in l www.gravis.org.in

  HelpAge India

  HelpAge India is a secular, not for profit organisation founded in 1978. It works to improve the lives of disadvantaged older people across 33 cities in India.

  The organisation’s aim is to give a voice to India’s 90 million older people and better their lives by providing health and financial services.

  HelpAge India also raises awareness of older people’s concerns in communities to promote understanding of ageing issues. They also work with national government to develop policies to secure benefits for older people and make older people aware of their rights and entitlements.

  The organisation focuses on the importance of income generation. Since 2004, it has organised 4,000 projects to provide agricultural and livestock-rearing skills.

  HelpAge India is a founding member of the HelpAge global network. They take part and encourage others to participate in the Age Demands Action campaign.

  headoffice@helpageindia.org l www.helpageindia.org


  Yayasan Emong Lansia

  Yayasan Emong Lansia (YEL) was established in 1996 by the HelpAge network. Their vision is an Indonesia with happy, healthy, active and independent older people.

  Based in Jakarta, YEL has established a Training Centre on Ageing to provide local and national training for those caring for older people. YEL also works to raise funds to assist disadvantaged older people through social welfare and healthcare. For example, they provide basic healthcare for sick older people in their homes.

  YEL’s Home Care Project was appointed by HelpAge Korea to run a pilot project in 2004. YEL also publish a quarterly magazine “Gerbang Lansia” to provide information about older people’s needs.

  In 2012, YEL participated in the first ever Age Demands Action on Health. Campaigners met the Minister of Health to ask for more trained community health workers for older people.

  gerbanglansia@gmail.com l www.gerbanglansia.org


  HelpAge Korea

  Established in 1982, HelpAge Korea is a NGO that works in Korea and other Asian countries. Its mission is “to ensure that people understand how much older people contribute to society and must enjoy rights to healthcare, social services and economic and physical security”.

  HelpAge Korea sets up older people’s associations across Korea and supplies information on community-based care and best practice to other care providers.

  Furthermore, HelpAge Korea supports international programmes through the HelpAge network, for example fundraising for HelpAge’s work in Cambodia and Myanmar.

  Through the ROK-ASEAN homecare project, which started in 2003, HelpAge Korea has had a positive impact on the lives of older people in ten ASEAN countries. The project trains families and community volunteers in homecare for older people. For more details, download Community based homecare for older people in South East Asia (745kb).

  In March 2009, HelpAge Korea began sharing its vision, mission, values and visual identity with HelpAge International.

  hak@helpage.or.kr l www.helpage.or.kr


  The National Council of Senior Citizens Organisations Malaysia

  The National Council of Senior Citizens Organisations Malaysia (NACSCOM) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1990. 48 senior citizen associations are members with a total of 18,000 members. NACSCOM advocates for policies and services to enhance older people’s wellbeing in Malaysia.

  NACSCOM is a member of the National Advisory and Consultative Council on Ageing, the Council of Health for the Elderly and of several ageing organisations, including HelpAge International.

  NACSCOM has attended conferences such as the Bali Regional Conferences on Ageing. A group of people aged 70 and over were invited to discuss issues such as income security and health services.

  Finally, NACSCOM has established two care homes to provide for older people and four day centres where older people can socialise. NACSCOM has been working with HelpAge International since 1992 and became HelpAge global network member in 2004.

  lkint@pd.jaring.my l www.nacscom.org.my

  Centre for Human Rights and Development

  The Centre for Human Rights and Development (CHRD) is an independent, non-profit NGO established in 1998 by a group of human rights activists and lawyers in Mongolia. It works with older people and indigenous communities across the country, monitoring and reporting on human rights, and publishing research on the topic to educate and boost public awareness.

  CHRD participates in regional and global human rights movements, and undertakes advocacy and lobbying of governments and other organisations for better laws and policies on human rights. It also represents vulnerable people in court, ensuring they have access to justice.

  CHRD became a HelpAge Global network member in 2017.

  chrd@mongolnet.mn l https://chrdmongolia.wordpress.com/

  Mongolian Association for Elderly People

  Established in 1988, Mongolian Association for Elderly People (MAEP) is an NGO working to secure the needs of older people. MAEP is involved in a variety of programme areas, including disaster risk reduction, health, environment, rights, social protection, social care and policy influencing.

  The organisation also provides annual health checks for older people through the its health and social protection programme. MAEP has successfully advocated for a national social strategy on older people’s issues in Mongolia, which has been adopted until 2030.

  MAEP became a HelpAge global network member in 2000 and took part in the global Age Demands Action campaign for the first time in the same year.


  HelpAge Myanmar

  HelpAge Myanmar works hard to improve older people’s lives by ensuring they have access to health and care services, and a regular, reliable income. Find out more about the work of HelpAge in Myanmar here.


  Ageing Nepal

  Ageing Nepal is a non-profit NGO established in 2011 by a group of Nepali social workers committed to helping older people in the country. It does consultancy to develop research and workshops, and help guide policy on ageing.

  It trains health workers, care givers and other groups on gerontology and geriatrics, and works with academic institutions to promote research and teaching on ageing issues.

  Ageing Nepal campaigns on older people’s rights, and takes proactive measures to fight abuse and exploitation. It builds awareness on issues affecting older people through the media, and gets involved in Age Demands Action.

  Ageing Nepal became a HelpAge global network member in 2017.

  ageingnep@gmail.com l ageingnepal.org

  National Senior Citizen Federation (NASCIF)

  The National Senior Citizen Federation (NASCIF) is an NGO established in 2011 to protect the rights, welfare and best interests of older people in Nepal. It has established older people’s associations for older people across all the country.

  NASCIF was founded to develop an effective approach to meet the challenges and opportunities of Nepal’s growing number of older people. It acts as a national network for organisations working to improve and uphold the rights of senior citizens in Nepal.

  NASCIF is involved in campaigning and awareness raising on older people’s rights, and conducts advocacy work and research on ageing. It also develops educational materials on ageing, runs training courses, coordinates health services, and facilitates the setting up of day care centres throughout Nepal.

  NASCIF became a HelpAge global network member in 2017.

  Nepal Participatory Action Network (NEPAN)

  Founded in 1995, the Nepal Participatory Action Network (NEPAN) is an association of individuals and institutions promoting the participation and empowerment of Nepalese in development across Nepal. It supports people from marginalised groups, especially older people, women, children and disabled people.

  NEPAN’s research focuses on ageing, influencing policymaking, developing healthcare services, promoting positive ageing and providing training to partner organisations. It also runs socioeconomic activities to help older people generate secure and reliable incomes.

  NEPAN is made up of almost 300 individual and institutional members, and works with government ministries, international NGOs and other national organisations. It became a HelpAge global network member in 2017.

  nepan@nepan.org.np l nepan.org.np

  HelpAge Pakistan

  HelpAge Pakistan campaigns for older people’s rights to be recognised in Pakistan, and supports older men and women to develop sustainable livelihoods. HelpAge Pakistan also prepares communities for humanitarian disasters. Find out more about the work of HelpAge in Pakistan here.


  Pakistan Medico International

  Pakistan Medico International (SWA or PMI) was founded by Pakistani students and campaigners in Germany. In the early 1980s they recognised the need to support older people and since have run a number of community based projects for older people, including ophthalmic work.

  They have worked with HelpAge for earthquake victims in Kashmir in 2005 and flood victims in Thatta in 2011. PMI has provided medical facilities, education projects, medical mobile units and emergencies equipment in most parts of Pakistan.

  They raise funding through nominal fees for service and national and international donations. They are recognised by the Pakistan Government as a registered charity.

  PMI has worked with HelpAge International for the last 20 years.


  Coalition of Services of the Elderly

  Founded in 1989, the Coalition of Services of the Elderly (COSE) bases its mission on the tradition of respecting older people and supporting community-based programmes. The Coalition helps older people to continue living in their communities and contributing to the lives of others.

  In 1998, COSE launched an initiative to empower older people to gain respect and organise themselves. These groups of older people have also organised income generating projects. One project involved older people making a balm from natural ingredients, which proved to be a great success.

  COSE actively participates in Age Demands Action and in 2011 HelpAge invited COSE to the UN Open Ended Working Group on Ageing in New York to talk to country delegates about older people’s right to health.

  COSE has been working with HelpAge International since 1991 and became a HelpAge global network member in 2004.

  cose@cosephil.org l www.cose.org.ph

  Society for Women’s Initiative for Ageing Successfully

  The Society for Women’s Initiative for Ageing Successfully (Society for WINGS) is a non-profit education centre. It was founded in 2006, as a joint project between the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations and the Tsao Foundation.

  The organisation became independent in 2007 and is now a registered charity which works with all religious, ethnic and community groups to help older women age actively. The society educates older people in health and happiness, as well as supporting or providing activities to help older people earn an income.

  They offer financial and health advice and organise workshops on financial security, support groups and training in IT skills and English.

  Society of WINGS also works on the Bond Workbook project. This is an interactive book that grandparents and children can both use and therefore spend quality time together.

  info@wings.sg l www.wings.sg

  Tsao Foundation

  Established in 1993, the Tsao Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of older people by alleviating the hardships of ageing. The Tsao Foundation provides community-based health services, promotes successful ageing and pioneers new approaches to ageing and care of older people in Singapore. It also aims to influence policy.

  The foundation has set up a comprehensive, community-based primary healthcare system, the Hua Mei Community Health Services, to ensure that older people have access to quality healthcare. The foundations’ health centres provide dementia care training for professionals and family caregivers.

  The health centres also offer training on the emotional aspects of caring for an older person, including effective communication skills. Bridging the generation gap, grief, loss, death and dying are other topics covered.

  Tsao Foundation has been working with HelpAge International since 1996 and became a HelpAge global network member in 2004.

  tsao@tsaofoundation.org l www.tsaofoundation.org

  Sri Lanka

  HelpAge Sri Lanka

  Established in 1986, HelpAge Sri Lanka is a NGO that raises awareness of the contributions older people’s make to society. They believe that older people must enjoy full rights to healthcare, social services and economic and physical security.

  HelpAge Sri Lanka has worked on a number of projects including Adopt-A-Granny and programmes to increase older people’s participation in their communities.

  HelpAge Sri Lanka sponsored the first dementia care centre in the country and also provides eye care facilities and free cataracts surgeries at a number of local eye care centres.

  As a member of the HelpAge global network, HelpAge Sri Lanka has contributed to a number of network events such Age Demands Action.

  In December 2009, HelpAge Sri Lanka aligned its vision, mission, values, and visual identity with HelpAge International.

  helpage@sltnet.lk l www.helpagesl.org


  Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University

  The Chiang Mai University Faculty of Nursing is an international nursing, academic and research institution founded in 1960. Its work focuses on ageing research, education and community projects.

  The faculty trains nurses from across Thailand and around the world, offering specialist courses on gerontological nursing and critical care nursing. It runs community projects across Thailand that improve health for older people.

  The Faculty of Nursing became a HelpAge global network member in 2016.

  guggig342@gmail.com l www.nurse.cmu.ac.th

  Foundation for Older Persons Development

  Established in 1997, the Foundation for Older Persons Development (FOPDEV) enhances the wellbeing of older people, especially those in need of care.

  FOPDEV and HelpAge have worked together on a number of projects, including the Support a Grandparent scheme, which helps disadvantaged older people earn a living, be independent and contribute to their community. FOPDEV also participates in the Age Demands Action campaign.

  FOPDEV trains volunteer home-helpers in Thailand to encourage older people to live independently and support caregivers. This is a part of a joint initiative between The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the Republic of Korea.

  FOPDEV provided evidence for the inclusion of older people in Thailand’s national Strategic Plan on AIDS Prevention 2007-11. They continue to support older people affected by HIV and AIDS.

  FOPDEV has been working with HelpAge International since 2001 and became a HelpAge global network member in 2004.

  sawang@fopdev.or.th l www.fopdev.or.th

  Help Without Frontiers Thailand Foundation

  Help Without Frontiers Thailand Foundation is a not-for-profit NGO established in 2007 to provide aid for displaced people living along the Thai-Myanmar border. The foundation is involved in helping people of all ages.

  It seeks to address the underlying causes of poverty, discrimination and violence, focuses on five key areas: education, youth, health, community development, and child protection. The foundation addresses social issues such as drug abuse and forced labour through education runs programmes promoting nutrition and sanitation.

  communication@helpwithoutfrontiers.org l www.helpwithoutfrontiers.org

  HelpAge Thailand

  HelpAge’s Asia regional office in Chiang Mai coordinates work to help older men and women across the region, and to support HelpAge global network members in Thailand to reach people locally. Find out more about the work of HelpAge in Thailand here.


  Senior Citizen Council of Thailand

  Senior Citizen Council of Thailand (SCCT) acts as a coordinator for organisations and institutions working to promote and improve wellbeing for older people in Thailand.

  SCCT has worked with older people through the formation and development of older people’s associations at the community level across the country. These organisations aim to improve the living conditions for older people and the development of their communities.



  Center for Ageing Support and Community Development (CASCD)

  The Center for Ageing Support and Community Development (CASCD) was established in 1991 as a non-profit, non-government organisation under the Vietnam Red Cross Society.

  CASCD’s mission is to promote humanitarian support and responsible community development. It works primarily with older people and disadvantaged people, such as those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, poor women effected by conflict, and people with disabilities and mental health problems.

  CASCD works to promote home care and community care for older people and vulnerable groups through both paid and volunteer-based programmes and inter-generational self-help clubs. It also promotes ageing issues and advocates for older people’s rights.

  CASCD became a HelpAge global network member in 2010.


  HelpAge Vietnam

  Throughout Vietnam HelpAge helps set up older people’s associations and intergenerational self-help clubs that provide a hub for older men and women in communities. Find out more about the work of HelpAge in Vietnam here.


  Vietnam Association of Elderly

  Vietnam Association of Elderly (VAE) was founded in 1995 and is an organisation of six million members participating in 13,000 grassroots associations of older people in Vietnam.

  The grassroots associations provide various services to older people including health checks and recreational activities. VAE is primarily responsible for policy and advocacy work.