[wyze cam app apk]Why We Love the Wyze Cam v2

  I’ve been blessed with having dogs who don’t chew on shoes or make a mess whenever I leave the house. But I use my Wyze cameras to keep an eye on them anyway.

  The Wyze Cam is not even technically a pet camera, but it does everything a pet camera should do, for a fraction of the price. It’s easy to set up—just plug it in and download the simple and intuitive app. The Wyze Cam is also tiny—it fits in the palm of my hand and has a small footprint on any surface.

  Our pickWyze Cam v2

  For the price of a bag of kibble, this small security camera offers better video quality and cloud storage than most other cameras.

  Buying Options$26 from Chewy$26 from Amazon

  It’s chock-full of features for an exceptional price. The video quality is sharp enough that I can see my neutral-tone pups on my neutral-tone rug. The Wyze Cam’s two-way audio is clear and fast enough for my dogs to hear me if I choose to talk to them through the camera. Though more often than not, I don’t dare make a sound so I can more effectively spy on them in their sleep. The Wyze app is also intuitive and easy to navigate, even with multiple cameras. Did I mention that the Wyze Cam is cheap?

  My barebones Wyze Cam does the job I employed it to do: keep an eye on my dogs.

  I used to be skeptical of indoor-security cameras because of the obvious discomfort that comes with being watched. With Wirecutter’s solid recommendation for the Wyze Cam and after some careful camera placement, I feel confident that no one can watch me (or my dogs) unless I permit them to. Now I keep one in each of my dogs’ favorite rooms. The office and bedroom are under my constant surveillance, so no cuteness gets missed.

  When I’m worried about how the pups are getting along without me, I pop open my Wyze app and can rest easy once I see that they’re all asleep. And we use the Wyze Cam for more than just watching the dogs—my boyfriend has a couple of his own, to monitor his 3D printers and their print progress.

  The Best Pet Camera (Isn’t a Pet Camera)

  Want to keep tabs on your beloved pet when you’re away? There’s a ready solution—and it’s cheaper than the pricey pet cameras you’ve seen online.

  At only $25 for a single camera, the Wyze Cam is incredibly cheap compared with other pet (or indoor security) cameras. There’s a market full of cameras that boast about having all sorts of bells and whistles (like laser pointers and treat throwers), but my barebones Wyze Cam v2 does the job I employed it to do: keep an eye on my dogs.